How To Mount A Wheel Chock On A Wood Deck

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Step 1: Place the wheel chock on the trailer deck in position.

Step 2: Mark the location for the chock mounting holes in the narrow section of the keyed holes.


Step 3: Drill ½” hole through the deck.

Step 4: From UNDERNEATH the trailer deck, tap the supplied T Nuts into the ½” holes.


Step 5: Mount the wheel chock onto the trailer deck using the supplied ½”-13 Button Head Cap Screws.  This will ensure the T Nuts are pulled into place.


Step 6: From underneath the trailer deck, install (2) wood screws so that the body (threaded section) sets in the notch of the T Nut and the head of the screw overlaps the flange on the T Nut. Mounting bolt removed for clarity.

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