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WheelDock Wheel Chock


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Your Motorcycle's Perfect Companion

Discover the WheelDock wheel chock, crafted with precision in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for unmatched stability and ease. This versatile tool doubles as a trailering chock and a free-standing garage stand, catering to all your motorcycle needs.

The First Effortless Chock

Gone are the days of struggling with “Teeter Totter” style chocks. Our wheel chock offers a flat entry and removal process, making it simple and efficient for all riders. Transport your motorcycle without compressing the suspension, ensuring it remains in top condition. Whether it’s a Harley Davidson or any compatible bike, your ride is secure with WheelDock. Ideal for maintenance or cleaning, this chock provides a stable base when used freestanding. Work on your bike with confidence, or simply showcase it in your garage.

Store your motorcycle vertically and save valuable garage space. The wheel chock’s design is not just practical; it’s a smart space solution. The chock comes with flush mount hardware, making installation in your trailer effortless. Set up quickly and get back to what you love – riding. Featuring a robust epoxy powder-coated finish, the WheelDock Wheel Chock promises longevity. 

Made in the USA

Proudly American-made, each Wheel Chock reflects quality craftsmanship and supports local manufacturing.

Choose the WheelDock Wheel Chock for a seamless, reliable, and efficient way to support your motorcycle. It's not just a tool; it's an investment in your passion.

Click here to download the manual.

Wheel Chock FAQ

If I change my front tire will the chock still work? 

The chock is made to a certain width and if you change the wheel to a different size, the chock may or may not work properly.  If you need a narrower chock, spacers are available here.

If the new tire is too wide for the chock, you will need to get a new chock made for a wider tire. 

I don’t see my bike listed. Can you make me a chock? 

Our chocks are made based on the mounted width of the tire. To know which chock you would need for your motorcycle, we will need a measurement of the width of the tire/wheel using calipers or the method shown here.

We will also need to know: 

  • Year, manufacturer, model of the motorcycle 
  • Size of the front tire (Example: 130/60-18) 
  • Note any modifications done to the front of the motorcycle (i.e., custom fender, raked front forks, fender extensions, etc.) 

Once we have received the information, we will determine what size chock you need, whether it be a stock chock or we need to build you a chock, and get back with you to discuss purchase options. 

Can I trailer my bike using only the chock and no straps? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Always, always, always make sure your bike is strapped in properly. 

Does the chock come with mounting hardware?

Yes it does. One set of flush mount mounting hardware comes with every chock.

Do I have to buy the Quick Detach Bar?

No, the Quick Detach Bar is a convenience item.

Do I have to buy the stealth plates?

The stealth plates are intended for use on a trailer with a metal floor and are not necessary for use with a wood floor. They can be used regardless of the material the floor is made of but not necessary for wood.

How heavy is the chock?

The chock is 35lbs.

Do I need to mount it to the floor of my garage?

No. Some customers will put a very thin rubber mat under the chock but it’s not necessary.

I have an extended fender, will the chock work?

It depends on the fender. We will need a side shot photo of the fender as well as a measurement from the ground up to the bottom of the fender.

I put a fat tire kit on my bike, can you adapt the chock to fit or do I need to buy a new chock?

Unfortunately with a fat tire kit, the front wheel will be too wide for your existing chock and you will need to purchase a new chock. We will need a measurement of the width of the new tire to make you a new chock.

Should I buy an extra gas spring?

The gas spring has a one year warranty but they very seldom quit working. We have replacements on our website should you need one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jeremiah Bradley
Transport Ready

Received my wheeldock motorcycle chock in time for my move from Alabama to Texas. Customer service is exemplary and the wheeldock is quality built.

Best Dock for the Money!

WherlDock motorcycle chocks are the best value for your money. They are easy to use and makes unloading a breeze. If you buy any other you are wasting your money!

Paul Marshall
Great product !!!!!!!

Come complete with tube plugs you can put in. Took all of 2 minutes.


Great product. A must have for anyone that owns a motorcycle.

Ronnie Staniford
Awesome product

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do.