Using A Motorcycle Jack With Your Center Stand

You may find it easier to remove the center stand when using a motorcycle jack. If you feel comfortable, removing and reinstalling the center stand takes less than a minute using a 3/4” wrench.  Please don’t forget to remove the Nut Plate from the top of the motorcycle cross member if you’re planning to ride the motorcycle without the center stand attached.

Procedure With Center Stand Attached

Cross cut three pieces of 2 x 12 lumber approximately 24 inches long.  Mitering the leading edge of the lumber helps getting the motorcycle up on the boards.

Place two pieces in front of the wheels and the third in the approximate location of where the side stand will be when the motorcycle is up on the boards.


Ride the motorcycle on the boards and move the third piece of lumber under the side stand.


Because the EZ Up Center Stand sets approximately 3/4” below the motorcycle frame, it’s sometime advantageous to use a 1 x 2 piece of lumber on the front cross member of the jack to level the bike when on the jack.


Slide the jack under the motorcycle and position to balance the bike.  If necessary, the EZ Up Center Stand is strong enough to lift on.  Do not lift on the angled reinforcement plate of the center stand.


When setting the motorcycle back down, stop the drop just prior to the motorcycle touching the boards to insure they’re in position.

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