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Ratchet Straps


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The Wheeldock chock system allows your bike to ride on its suspension when trailering.  This means the straps move relative to the motorcycle and “load and unload” due to the active suspension of the motorcycle.  The Wheeldock ratchet straps are specifically designed to work with our system, providing the utmost in security and finish protection.

  • Integrated soft ties up top mean there’s no hooks touching chrome or painted surfaces.
  • Snap hooks on the bottom end mean the hooks won’t come loose from the trailer deck when the straps “load and unload”.
  • The design ensures the strap buckle is away from the motorcycle when in use.  Preventing damage from the buckle hitting the bike.
  • Double boxed sewn construction and 4500lb nylon webbing means this strap is tough and built to last.
  • Made in the USA!  Yes, a ratchet strap made in the USA!